Critical Information Summaries


Each PennyTel service has a Critical Information Summary (CIS) that explains key charges, limitations and inclusions. Contact us if you have further questions.


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The following CIS documents apply to services sold after August 14, 2017.


Penny 1 - 4 plans (1GB - 10GB mobile plan) 



The following CIS documents apply to special plans offered as part of our migration to the Telstra network.


Penny 5 (1GB mobile plan)

Penny 6 (4GB mobile plan)

Penny 7 (500MB mobile plan)

Penny 8 (2GB mobile plan)




The following CIS documents apply to VoIP home phone services sold after June 1, 2016. These plans are no longer available for sale. You can see a summary of these services on the VoIP plans page.

Free Access Timed

Free Access Untimed


Talk Til You Drop

Chit Chat

Crazy Talk Calls

Crazy Talk Minutes