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Great value & savings

We offer affordable plans that use our new and improved 4G network. Chose us as your provider for mobile services and you can save $$$s.


Use your own device 

If you have a pre-existing number you can switch your SIM and keep using your same device on our new 4G mobile network.


International call inclusions 

Do you call home on a regular basis? Check out our plans with over 60 locations and 120 international call minutes that you can use to stay closer to your family or friends.







Our Company



PennyTel was created in 2005 to provide residential customers with low cost telephone calls using VoIP technology. At that time, VoIP was new to the residential market but it meant that new and innovative products could be offered.


In 2013 the MNF Group acquired the PennyTel brand and customers. The acquisition meant we could provide reassurance for customers and continuity of service and since then we have been working hard to make improvements.


In 2016, we migrated PennyTel customers from an old legacy, end-of-life billing system to a new platform to improve billing processes and accuracy. Now we are making more improvements as we migrate our customers from the Vodafone to the Telstra network.







Moving to Australia's best network


We will shortly commence a migration programme where we contact all our customers to let them know how to make the move to a better network.

If you have not yet received an SMS or email from us, please be patient, we will be working with our customers in batches to ensure that our support team can assist where required.

If you do need to call us during the migration programme, you may find that wait times are longer than usual as we receive a higher volume of calls, we thank you in advance for your patience. Alternatively, you can log into the portal and send us a support ticket which we will respond to during off peak times when call volumes are lower.  







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