A penny saved is a penny earned.

About PennyTel

PennyTel is part of Australia's largest VoIP network. A decade ago, everyday-VoIP was merely a futuristic idea.  Although ahead of their time, the innovators behind PennyTel believed that this was powerful technology worth investing in.  With a commitment towards innovation, PennyTel evolved and grew, becoming Australasia’s industry leader in the provision of next-generation VoIP technologies.

To deliver the value you seek, PennyTel has engaged in ongoing efforts to become unrivalled in price, differentiated in customer service, and clever with ideas.  Starting off as no more than a small telco, we now have over 250 000 customers.  As such, we are constantly reminded that we have the potential to excel and do more.

Although our prime focus has been VoIP communications, customers are at our core.  We understand that as times change, your needs change too.  Thus, we also provide trendy mobile services, innovative phone applications and Hosted PBX & Cloud technology.

With heaps of options available at your fingertips, there are now more ways to stay connected and keep in touch at the most affordable prices.  We are always open to new ideas and possibilities; whilst change is inevitable, we are able to embrace it by putting you first.

Our motto

“There are no barriers that are too great; simply challenges to overcome for outstanding success.”

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